Stan Jedrus

About Me

My Picture My full name is Stanislaw Jedrus, although usually I go by Stan. I was born in Katowice, Poland. In 2001 I moved to Pittsburgh. I've worked so far as a researcher, teacher, software engineer, and a team/project manager (presently at Compunetix). Over past few years our small team has completed successfully over a hundred projects of varying durations, scopes, and objectives for a number of customers in areas ranging from dynamic, Ajax-based web applications, through REST/JSON and REST/XML web services, classic database-backed web applications, to various middle-ware software.

I am passionate about computer technology and computer networks. I strive to excel at software engineering and helping others at the same. I am an active member of INCOSE, PMI, and ACM (several sigs). Most recently, I've been a very active member of the Three Rivers INCOSE chapter where I presently serve as the president-elect.

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